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Thursday Night Service: 7:00PM
Sunday: 11:00AM, Sunday School 10:00AM
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Meet The Team
CLF has a great leadership team that displays Christ's love in everything they do!

Pastors Dale and Fran Frasier
Our main ministry and leadership.
Elders Bud and Bern
Our elders.
Tim & Sandra Frasier

We are Tim and Sandra Frasier. In 1998, Sandra and I met at out local church in North Caroline. We believed that it was the will of the Father for us to be married and fulfill the purposes of God in our lives. Both of us were very active in the local body. Sandra worked with the youth group, and I worked in the ministry of helps. The time came when the Lord moved us to Massachusetts to be part of this ministry under the leadership of my parents. The leadership at our former local church laid hands on us and sent us forth to start this part of our lives and ministry. We came here with great expectation and a desire to serve in the house. The Lord put 2 Tim. 1:6 on my heart for this house. It says, "I remind you to stir up the gift of God (The Holy Ghost) which is in you!" We were blessed with a son in 2005, Josiah is his name, and as his namesake, he came to rule. In 2008, Sandra and I began working with the youth group to stir up the gift of God in this next generation. It is our desire to see them be servant sons in the house of God, praying for continual guidance and direction that we al may come to the fullness of the stature of the Christ.
Stephen & Jennifer Frasier
Church Deacons
David & Cathy Lapointe

We are David and Kathy LaPointe of Holyoke, Massachusetts. Parents of three children. We began our lives here at Christ Life Fellowship in the latter part of 1984, just before they were established as a church. In 1985, we gave our hearts to the Lord. Were baptized and then married on September 21, 1985. In 1995, we were chosen and set in as Deacon/Deaconess. We are presently among three other couples who also serve as Deacons/Deaconess'. Our involvement here at Christ Life Fellowship through the years has grown stronger as we ranged from Sunday School teachers, Praise and Worship Team member, and Dance Team member, and serving those in the church. Our journey will continue to grow as our faith too will become stronger and God continues to lead our lives in the way He plans and purposes us. In this journey, we are not alone. As we are truly blessed knowing that we will walk alongside our Pastors, Elders, and fellow Deacons. Be Blessed!
Dan & Irene Stefaniak
Church Elders
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